Bringing Up Baby

Top 5 Tips for Pumping

October 04, 2022 Ashley Season 3 Episode 5
Bringing Up Baby
Top 5 Tips for Pumping
Show Notes

Breastfeeding or chest-feeding is a job in and of itself but if you add pumping to the mix, it's a whole other ball game!

Listen in to this episode to get my Top 5 Tips for Pumping so that you can pump with confidence!

Here's a summary of what we're getting into in this episode:

1. Try to wait until after the first 6 weeks to pump
2. Milk-making hormone, prolactin surges overnight - best time to have baby on breast/chest
3. Pumps are not as effective as a baby
4. How long to pump for depending on if you're away from Baby or just building up storage
5. How to yield more milk from the pump

If you're a breastfeeder/chest-feeder and are planning to pump, this is a must listen!

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