Bringing Up Baby

Baby On-The-Go

April 13, 2021 Ashley Season 1 Episode 5
Bringing Up Baby
Baby On-The-Go
Show Notes

How to work about baby's sleep needs while getting outside or working around travel or appointments.

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Jenn Currie - mom

Chris Surette - dad

Hutton - baby
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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site Camping

Isn’t it nice when you get to take baby to the beach or walk a favourite trail nearby? 

Actually, taking a walk Anywhere or just getting out of the house is going to prove to be beneficial to you and your baby. 


Do you ever feel like you’re a slave to all the naps?!

Maybe you have a newborn and you’re wondering how you might start venturing outside now that you have your baby and his/her needs to consider?

Maybe you recently “sleep trained” or your baby is on a pretty regular sleep schedule and you’re worried how to continue this great sleep somewhere other than their own crib all the time?

Or maybe your baby and your situation don’t fit into any of these categories but you’re wondering about how to best help them sleep during times like:

  • Staying somewhere new
  • Travelling - on those long car rides
  • Working around appointments
  • And yes, Bringing Baby Camping - because the season is coming and what a great way to get out and enjoy all the benefits being out in nature has to offer!

But listen, some babies seem to have a bit more of a go-with-the-flow vibe, but I’ll tell you, that’s not the norm. Unless they’re an infant because usually infants are pretty portable - but honestly many babies do prefer a solid routine/schedule/pattern to their sleep. It’s what keeps them in balance, allows them to be their most pleasant selves during waking hours and are better able to sleep soundly when needed. 

So, for anyone out there with a baby and you’re looking for ideas on how to get that baby out without it totally messing up their sleep or vibe, this one’s for you!