Bringing Up Baby

Taking Care of YOU with Wendy McCallum

April 27, 2021 Ashley Season 1 Episode 6
Bringing Up Baby
Taking Care of YOU with Wendy McCallum
Show Notes

I’m not going to spend much time telling you about this episode, because you just need to listen to it. 

Not too long ago, I had the amazing opportunity to catch up with Wendy McCallum. Wendy is a Professional Coach & Corporate Wellness Expert and the host of the Bite-Sized Balance Podcast.

Wendy teaches busy professionals (many of whom are approaching burnout) how to reclaim time for themselves, reduce stress, build healthier habits, and increase their daily joy in the process.  She is also a Certified Naked Mind Alcohol Coach who helps clients find freedom from alcohol and other unhealthy coping habits.

As a Coach & Corporate Wellness Expert, Wendy speaks with honesty & empathy, and has helped hundreds of people cultivate healthier habits & coping mechanisms.

She supports her private clients in preventing and recovering from burnout, and establishing a healthier, more satisfying work/life balance.

More information on her coaching & consulting services can be found at You can find her podcast, Bite-Sized Balance wherever you listen to podcasts.

Wendy and I had THE BEST conversation and we tied our discussions around burnout and balance as they pertain to the busy lifestyles we have as parents/caregivers. 

But I do want to say that the line between burnout and something like postpartum depression can be a little grey, so if you’re feeling like maybe this could be something more then you should absolutely make an appointment with your doctor to discuss (or better yet, if you’re not sure, check on it anyway!). Trust me, it’s worth it. 

Now, normally I do a Mental Health Minute at the end of each episode, where we tie in our topic and relate it to our mental health, but well, This entire episode is a mental health minute! Actually, it’s more like an hour - so definitely longer than my other episodes, but there was no way I was going to break up this conversation and have you miss ANYTHING. But by the end of it, I bet you’re going to feel really empowered to help bump yours up a couple more notches ;)

After listening to this episode, I’d love it if you’d share what resonated most with you. 

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