Bringing Up Baby

Pregnancy with Pelvico

June 29, 2021 Ashley Season 1 Episode 8
Bringing Up Baby
Pregnancy with Pelvico
Show Notes

While we’re not talking about babies here today, we are talking about having those babies - more specifically, how to prepare for labour and delivery from the standpoint of exercise and your pelvic floor.

Learning about anything having to do with the pelvic floor during pregnancy was just NOT something that was discussed when I started having babies just over 8 years ago. Actually, the only thing I do remember hearing about is how important it is to do your kegels, but apparently there is way more to it than that.

Also, when I started having babies, I was so nervous to exercise. I was fairly active pre-kids and I did try to keep it up during my pregnancies, but after having struggled a bit to actually get pregnant, I was just way too worried because I didn’t have enough GOOD information.

Well, lucky for you - that’s why we’re here today and why this podcast is here! To give you all the info I wish I had ;)

Anyway, I’ve been really looking forward to sharing this conversation I had with the Pelvico team not too long ago, with Maria Radelich and Shannon Platt.

Maria found her passion for rehabilitation and fitness when she completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours from Acadia University and then went on to complete her Masters in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University.

Maria then went on to specialize in pelvic floor and core dysfunction, which led her to realize that many women and men didn’t really understand the core system and how to rehabilitate the core after injury or having a baby.

Maria wanted to find ways she could help those of all body types, and dysfunction to workout in a way that was mindful of the core systems!

One of her favourite groups to work with are postpartum moms learning about their bodies again and returning to exercise like running, Crossfit, weight lifting and sport!

Shannon is a Life-long athlete. Grew up playing basketball,soccer, rugby but basketball was her passion as she played at St.FX for 4 years (co-captain), George Brown in Toronto for 1 year and then semi-pro in Toronto for one season. 

She’s done almost every kind of fitness in some capacity whether it's crossfit, spinning, cycling, marathons, or strength training. 

Shannon now has a 2 year old daughter, Sloane. And having been 'athletic' all her life she felt fairly body aware but still had questions as to what was safe/not safe during her pregnancy while working out. To help answer these questions, Shannon got her pre and postnatal fitness specialist certifications and personal training certification and soon after started Pelvico with Maria - all during her maternity leave! 

At the time of our recording, Shannon was about 37 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and as of our release date - baby is still hanging tight but will be here soon! So we’ll actually be chatting with Shannon a bit about how she’s preparing for her 2nd round of labour and delivery, knowing what she knows now.

Maria, Shannon and I dove into topics like,

  • Why is exercise important during pregnancy?
  • What’s up with the pelvic floor during pregnancy? How does it change and how can you best help support it?
  • What are the risks to exercising in pregnancy?
  • What exercises are recommended during pregnancy and which are not?

And we wrap up by learning more about what Pelvico has to offer you, both prenatally and postnatally, for all your exercise and pelvic floor needs.

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