Bringing Up Baby

Birth & Postpartum with Pelvico

August 31, 2021 Ashley Season 2 Episode 1
Bringing Up Baby
Birth & Postpartum with Pelvico
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2 of the Bringing Up Baby podcast! I’m so happy to be back on a more regular basis after taking some time to enjoy family visits and camping trips… But today we are chatting yet again with Maria Radelich and Shannon Platt of Pelvico Fitness and Rehabilitation!

For this episode we focussed on the postpartum period - specifically the process of your body and pelvic floor “re-grouping” after labour and how to properly ease back into exercise, or even just moving your body more - which as we know, has plenty of benefits.

You’re in for a treat with this episode because whenever I get together with these ladies, our conversations tend to REALLY GO THERE. So get ready for a raw and honest conversation on BIRTH, your PELVIC FLOOR, and the POSTPARTUM period… with a special little announcement from yours truly, as we embark on a new kind of support for women having babies. 

2:13    -     Shannon talks about how's she's doing during her postpartum period this time around as a 2nd time mom.

4:44    -     A bit of Shannon and baby Cole's birth story now that she has so much more knowledge of her pelvic floor.

15:40  -   "Bearing down" during the pushing phase of labour - how you breathe or hold your breath in a helpful way.

17:16  -   We're talking about POOP!

23:18   -   Rehabilitation after labour and delivery - Shannon's postpartum check-up in Maria's office. Find them on Instagram @pelvicofitness - it's in their account highlights!

25:20   -   Why and how mama's who've had a planned C-Section should think about their pelvic floor as well.

28:33   -   Pelvico's programs - find them at

   -    A new offering for women during the prenatal and postnatal stages through the early parenting years. Mental health and staying connected is really, really important. Check out the Halifax Perinatal Support Network group on Facebook and join us NOW!

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