Bringing Up Baby

Having Multiples: A Conversation with Moms of Twins

October 26, 2021 Ashley Season 2 Episode 5
Bringing Up Baby
Having Multiples: A Conversation with Moms of Twins
Show Notes

If you have twins or multiples, you already know you are part of a special group. But this episode can really be for anyone with children because the group of ladies who joined me brought the Real. Talk. The stuff that I know many other moms and new parents have experienced or would be experiencing right now. 

  • How they would describe their pregnancies with twins
  • What it was like to spend time in the NICU after they were born, AND
  • They walk us through some of the big CHALLENGES and JOYS of having twins.

So these three ladies I spoke with… are all friends of mine and they all happen to have twin boys!

Veronique Trottier is mom to 8 year olds Cade and Didier 

Alana Woods is mom to 4 year olds Rory and Ewan as well as big sister Cecilia

And Amy Lowry is mom to 5-week old boys Declan and Hunter as well as big sister Maera

Each family has their own unique set of circumstances but they also experienced a lot of similarities. They’ve certainly shared some personal and heart-felt stories that anyone having babies would appreciate, but especially those with multiples.

Here is my conversation with Vero, Alana and Amy about their sweet little boys and their experiences as moms of twins...

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